First, how many people are going

To plan a tour using our Bourbon Tour Bus you must have at least 4 people in the group and no more than 11 people. Roses gives you the ability to plan one-day or multi-day custom Kentucky Bourbon Distillery tours. Your group can decide where along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail we go on our amazing tour of the Kentucky Bluegrass state.  Be sure to contact the distillery and let them know how many are in your group as some bourbon distillery tours are limited to a certain number of guests.

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Next, which distilleries do you want to tour

Kentucky distillery tours, tastings, and experiences show visitors how spirits are made, so you'll walk away with some knowledge, a more refined palate, and probably a few bottles to take home. Choose which distilleries you would like to tour and contact them to schedule a date and time for your tour.  Don't worry, your're almost done!

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Finally, secure your ride for the event

Call now 502.803.5243 and reserve your ride. From one-stop hops to complete your tour packages, we will make sure that your journey is safe, comfortable and enjoyable. We have multiple vehicle size options for groups of all sizes, no matter how large or small, or the length of your trip.

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Got your tours scheduled? Call us and reserve your ride now @ 502.803.5243. You can also contact us using our website.

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Please be sure to contact the distillery you are planning on touring to check their tour availability.  Some distilleries might be closed due to COVID restrictions.

Bourbon Lovers

Bourbon lovers can stop at a few of the distilleries or all of them—there is no wrong way to experience these tours. Every tour is personalized and requires planning, as some of the distilleries are as far as 70 miles apart. There’s something for everyone—tours, tastings, activities, big-city nightlife, quaint country towns, Bourbon-themed hotels and historic bed & breakfast accommodations.