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  • Buffalo Trace Distillery
  • February 02, 2021
  • $.00

Phone: 855.915.5598


The Trace Tour

The Trace Tour is an incredible introduction to the history and science of bourbon at Buffalo Trace Distillery. You will walk amidst the path of rolling bourbon barrels. You will be captivated by the alluring smell and atmosphere of bourbon sleeping inside the aging warehouses. Our engaging tour guides can teach guests of all levels and will bring the story of Buffalo Trace to life.

Hard Hat Tour

An insider's look into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into crafting truly great bourbon. See the distillation process first hand-from the grain delivery and mashing in our recently installed 20,000 gallon mash cookers, to fermentation and distillation. The tour includes a stop at the E.H. Taylor, Jr. Microstill, where the Distilleryâ??s unique and award-winning Experimental Collection whiskies are made.

National Historic Landmark Tour

Albert B. Blanton's legacy lives on through this educational and informative tour. Described "as a rare, intact example of a distillery operating before, during, and after Prohibition," experience the buildings, architecture and history shaped by Blanton from 1933-1953, which is the period of significance on which our National Historic Landmark distinction is based.

Bourbon Barrel Tour

Move alongside our barrels during their journey throughout the Distillery. Learn about the specifications and history of our barrels, the different ways they age, and what happens to them when they can no longer be used for bourbon. Finish it all off where they finish, in regauge where our barrels are dumped.

Buffalo Trace Distillery