Contact the distiller, book your tour(s), then call us @ 502.803.5243 to reserve your tour bus and let us drive you around bourbon country. Must have a minimum of 4 people. Maximum of 11 people.

  • New Riff Distillery
  • February 04, 2021
  • $.00

Phone: 859.261.7433


Our BONDED tour offers a firsthand look through the nooks and crannies of our bourbon distilling process, from grain to barrel. We'll explore fermentation, distillation, bottling and barreling as well as the modern event spaces perched neatly above our production space. After each tour, we offer a complimentary tasting of a variety of spirits, including New Riff Bourbon and Single Barrel. The tour lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

Join us on a tour of our West Newport Whiskey Campus. Twice a month we offer the chance to visit the New Riff "back of house." Walk through our barrel warehouses capable of holding over 20,000 barrels of whiskey. Take in the angels' share, see the turn of the century architecture home to our bottling hall and tasting rooms and most importantly, taste New Riff Bourbon thiefed directly from a barrel. Your ticket includes the tour, samples, and a tasting glass to take home.

Join our distiller's for a new riff on the old Kentucky whiskey tour. The New Riff Distiller's tour is a 90 minute walking seminar in classic Kentucky distillation practices. Our Distillers are stillage geeks and so will you be after this densely packed, flavor whacked, copper stacked sour mash whale of a whiskey tour!

New Riff Location