Contact the distiller, book your tour(s), then call us @ 502.803.5243 to reserve your tour bus and let us drive you around bourbon country. Must have a minimum of 4 people. Maximum of 11 people.

  • Corsair Artisan Distillery
  • February 03, 2021
  • $.00

You might be asking yourself, Brewstillery? Is it a brewery? Or a distillery? The answer is yes to both! At our first Nashville location we have expanded our focus to include high gravity beer within our malt whiskey program. Here is where we made history as the first craft distillery in Nashville. Located within the bustling Marathon Village.

Public tours include a 30 minute facility tour and a guide-selected tasting of five spirits that follows. Facility tour includes a close look at our prohibition style potstill, condensing still, fermentation vessels, mash cooker, and small-batch craft brewery. You'll learn about the history of Corsair, the basics of distillation and brewing, and how we combine the processes of craft beer and craft whiskey.

Corsair Artisan Location